New Table Prayers Emerging in Progressive Christian Communities

May 2, 2011

Table Prayer for a progressive Christian community… | Ponderings.

Rev. Katie Hawker and the folks at Evangelical United Church of Christ here in Webster Groves are, like many progressive congregations, starting to re-shape their communion prayers.  Rev. Hawker recently posted one such prayer on her blog.

Rev. Brian Brandsmeier at Faith UCC in Iowa City also posted a non-violent Communion liturgy a while back.

These shifts in worship practice reflect a broader kind of reflection about theologies of atonement, and a reach toward  eucharistic theologies that have a different relationship with violence.

I’m grateful to both of these pastors for their initiative in putting alternative prayers out there, and hope that I’ve been helpful as a conversation partner.

What do you think?  Are these on the right track?  Are they still “really Communion,” or something else?

Photo credit: Jim Forest

Icon by Fr. Elia Beaver

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