Waffle Church!

November 9, 2016

On a lighter note, St Lydia’s Church in Brooklyn is trying waffle church.


Julio DiazThis story is a couple of years old (March 2008), but it’s just so rich and thought-provoking that I wanted to collect it here and share it.  It’s about how 31-year-old Julio Diaz took his mugger to dinner one night.  He was able to see through his own fear and his mugger’s bravado, and find someone in need.

I’m particularly struck by the way in which Diaz uses the sharing of a meal in this story.  It seems to contain something that was central to Jesus’ ministry, and has been lost in our practices of Holy Communion.  Something about crossing boundaries, and actual sharing.

This story didn’t have to happen this way.  If you’ve got a minute, listen prayerfully and consider why it did.  Someday, I’d like to write “The Ballad of Julio Diaz.”

A Victim Treats His Mugger Right : NPR.

What are they getting that we’re not getting?  Jorge Munoz and his family serve homeless people out of their own kitchen every day.  They started five years ago.  Munoz received an award from President Obama, and has been nominated as a CNN hero.  He says his mom (who plans the meals he shares) taught him that if you share, you’re all right with God.

Why sharing is a beautiful thing – CNN.com.

You also learn more at Jorge’s website: anangelinqueens.org