San Bernardino: How Upset Am I Really?

December 4, 2015

Yet another mass shooting.

I have prayed.  On my own and in the seminary chapel.  Here’s what I keep asking myself as I read all the “enough is enough” articles and posts: am I sad and angry enough to be committed?  Am I willing to spend hours campaigning against any congresspeople who vote against gun reform until they are driven from the halls of congress?  Am I willing to contribute more of my own money to the organizations who are going head-to-head with corporate lobbyists and the nearly $30M  that the NRA contributes to political campaigns?  Am I willing to wade into the public discourse – blogs, and Facebook, and letters to the editor – and expose myself and my family to the rhetoric and threats that others who speak up have experienced?  Am I willing to recruit others to get involved, to call and write their legislators regularly?  How upset am I, really?

#letpeacebeginwithme #nobastarezad

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